How To Choose Pillows For Infants In Summer

Infants are little angels who deserve the  caring of adults. Especially in the hot climate of summer, when even adults find it hard to have a good sleep. An appropriate pillow will help to bring better sleep to  our babies.

Making sure that our babies sleep well should be consider the number 1 priority . apart from Using the air-conditioner, parents have to consider choosing a  pillow suitable for infants in summer so that they won’t have problem sleeping . If the pillow is not comfortable, the baby will be gravely disturbed and can’t fall asleep, which will  have negative influence on their health. In this article, I would like to share some tips for choosing a pillow for infants in the summer.

Firstly, parents should pay attention to the material of the pillow

Pillow covers must be made from cotton that is airy and can absorb sweat, furthermore, it should be made from soft cloth. About the insides  of the pillow, it should be composed of cotton or natural latex rubber. Hence, infants won’t have a headache sleeping on it. Some people say that we just have to fold a blanket and use it as a pillow for infants.

It’s not a bad choice but when doing that, the height and material of the blanket have to be guaranteed. How parents choose the material for the pillow of their infants can depend on the demand and budget of the family because they will have a wide range of choices.

Secondly, the design of the pillow is also crucial

On the market, there are some kinds of pillows that have sunken spots. Using a sunken pillow has pros and cons. There are many arguments about whether the sunken pillow is good for the development of infants. Honestly, pillows having sunken spots should be used only during the first months of life of your babies . When babies learn to roll over, sunken pillows may be harmful to their spines.

Apart from some basic materials for a pillow-like natural latex and cotton,A water pillow is another choice for your infants in summer. A water pillow provides a sense of comfort and easy to use. However, parents should be careful about using this pillow. When infants are in the bedroom with the air-conditioner on, water pillow may make their nape of the neck cold and affect their health.

Notices when choosing pillows for infants

1. Size of pillows

Apart from the materials, the size of pillows is a significant factor  that parents should pay attention to. If the pillow is too wide, it may cause infants’ suffocation. The process of respiration and blood circulation of babies can be affected if the pillow is too thick. For safety purpose , the pillow for infants should have the width the same as the width of their shoulders. The ideal thickness for infants’ pillow ranges from 1-4 centimeters.

2. How to place pillows properly

According to experts, a pillow should be placed behind the nape of the neck and near the neck and shoulders. Babies’ neck should tip back about 10-15 degrees. This is the most comfortable sleeping position for infants.

Besides, parents have to avoid placing too many pillows or stuffed toys around infants while they are sleeping. These things may suffocate your child. 


During the first years of a child, good sleep plays an essential role in supplementing energy for their physical and mental development. Hence, choosing a suitable pillow for infants in summer is more necessary than ever. I hope that after reading this article, you will find out how to choose an appropriate pillow for your beloved baby this summer.

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