8 Best Twin Mattresses in 2020

Having a good night sleep is vital; however, it is dependent on the kind of mattress that you have. Twin mattresses are among the best mattresses in the market that offers a good night sleep. They are more suitable for single a kid, teenager, and a small adult. The mattress has measurements of 39 inches by 75inches in length, its thickness varies.

Twin mattresses are versatile and are utilized for bunk beds, hideaways, trundle beds, and day beds. They are ideal in apartments and small rooms as they maximize space efficiently. It’s important to note, twin mattresses are available in three different sizes that is youth size, standard length, and XL.

Top 8 Best Twin Mattresses

Lucid 10-Inch Twin Hybrid Mattress

When you’re looking for a plush or firm mattress, Lucid mattress is the way to go. The Lucid 10-Inch Twin Hybrid Mattress comes with revolutionary hybrid technology. Its sides and base design with 5-inch edge support that provides an edge to edge support.

Air circulation in the mattress is improved with the 5.5-inch of individually encased steel coils,  and over the edge to edge support layer. With the two transitional layers that are the 2-inch support foam, creates an even feel.  The odor associated with foam is minimized through; the utilization of Aloe Vera infusions and bamboo charcoal 2.25-inch thick at the top. This is done through absorption of the odor, they also have temperature regulation properties, and the Aloe Vera infusion contains a relaxing and cooling effect as you sleep.

The Lucid 10-Inch Twin Hybrid Mattress has the revolutionary hybrid construction technology. The technology combines comfort and support of the memory foam, with pocket coils or Marshall coils. The base of the mattress has individually pocketed steel coils which isolates movement. Hence, when there’s compression of a particular coil, other coils surrounding it will remain unaffected.

When there’s any disturbance because of motion on the mattress, there won’t be a transfer of the motion to the mattress you’re sleeping on. The coils arrange your spine in a correct posture, and due to its edge to edge support, you won’t slide off the mattress when you sit on the edge.

When it comes to Lucid 10-Inch Twin Hybrid Mattress, it has a capacity of 75 inches long, 39 inches wide and 10 inches thick, a weight of 48 pounds. The mattress also has an additional feature; it’s shipped vacuum-compressed and has a 10-year warranty. The Twin mattress has superior comfort, which starts with the 1.5-inch layer of memory foam, which is on top of four layers of foam and individual pocket coils.

Signature Sleep Contour Twin Mattress

The Signature Sleep Contour Mattress contains a base of 7-inch high springs with 15-gauge steel. The coils are capable of compressing and recovering quickly under your weight. The mattress has independently encased fabric pocket which acts independently of each other.

The twin mattress offers edge to edge support; it also conforms to the contours of your body in the 7-zones; that is the head, spine, lower body, upper body, shoulder, legs, and hips. Three layers of foam, which overlay and underlay the coils making the mattress rotatable and reversible. The layers are also capable of balancing, supporting, and cushioning your body from steel coils.

Encasement of the layers is made on a non-washable and non-removable cover made of fiberglass, helping the mattress maintain its shape. The mattress has measurements of 75 inches by 39 inches and 12-inch thickness. It weighs 55 pounds, it’s rolled-up and vacuum compressed for easy transportation. For the mattress to regain its fullness, let it breathe for 24 hours to 72 hours. It comes with 15 years as the warranty period.

Linenspa 5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LinenSpa 5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is high quality and low profile mattress. Its 5-inch profile provides firm support because of its high-density foam base. The twin mattress is covered with a layer of gel infused memory foam, which provides comfort. With the gel infusion, the bed becomes cozy in winter and cooler in summer.

The LinenSpa 5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress is suitable for any sleeper, be it a side sleeper, stomach or back sleeper. The twin mattress can fit into a slatted bed, a base with a box spring, a metal grid bed, and a platform bed. The foam used in making this twin mattress has a certification from CertiPUR-US.

The twin size mattress measures 74 inches by 38 inches and 5-inch thickness; it weighs 20 pounds. The LinenSpa 5-Inch Gel Memory Foam is vacuum compressed for packaging and shipping. Allow the mattress to decompress for 24 hours to 72 hours for it to gain full thickness. It also comes with ten years warranty period.

Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Green Tea Mattress

The Zinus Green Tea Mattress is designed with two 3.5 inches with high-density base support foam. The two layers are of convoluted foam, which enables the flow of air between the layers.  The next layer, which is a 2-inch comfort foam that is covered with memory foam of 3-inches. The mattress foam has a certification from CertiPUR-US for its performance, durability, and content.

The BioFoam is designed from plant oil, which replaces petroleum traditionally utilized in making foam. The foam is saturated with castor oil, activated charcoal, and green tea. The mattress contains four layers of foam, a 3.5-inch as the base layer that is high-density foam. The foam is design to have convoluted foam that resembles an egg crate.

The base layer is covered with an additional 3.5-inch of high-density foam, with the egg crate structure, there’s a constant flow of air in the layers. This consequently inhibits bacterial, dust, mites, and mold build-up. The mattress is capable of relieving pressure on your joints and supporting your body, due to the 2-inches of high density and pressure-relieving foam.

On top of this is three-inch memory foam which molds alongside your body contours. The twin mattress is fortified with green tea that has catechins- epigallocatechin, and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGC and EGCG respectively). The compounds destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, activated charcoal, on the other hand, reduces and absorbs odor, and it also absorbs moisture.

The twin mattress has measurements of 75 inches by 39 inches and 12-inch thickness. Its weight is 39.3 pounds, and it comes with a ten year warranty period.

Modway Jenna Twin Mattress

The Modway Jenna is a supportive mattress, which has 8.5 high coils wrapped in a felt liner. The liners support the springs in place inhibiting motion transfer. The springs are covered using 0.9 inches of egg crate foam, which provides pressure point relief and ventilating of the mattress. With the egg crate structure pumping air between layers is made possible, which prevents dust, mites, molds, bacteria and odor build-up.

Next is the 1-inch thick responsive foam layer which conforms to your body’s contour. The foam has a quick response of springing back to its shape when weight is removed. The quilted polyester tight top cover holds the layer together. The pillow top gives an even and smooth feel on the mattress.

With the tight top, pressure on the neck, back, hips, shoulder, and legs reduces and relieving pressure on the spine. The twin mattress offers a secure set up by merely unpacking, place it on the bed, and unrolling it. Allow the mattress to expand till it reaches its full thickness; the mattress measures 75 inches by 39 inches and 10-inch thickness. The mattress weighs 48 pounds and comes with a one-year warranty period.

Zinus 6-Inch Spring Twin Mattress

When it comes to the Zinus 6-Inch Spring Twin Mattress, it’s core is made of pocketed iCoil technology. Here, you will find the Bonnell steel coils independently and individually wrapped in fabric. The coils are independent, providing strength and support to the structure. Its separation separates motion, eliminating transfer of motion to other ends of the mattress; imagine doing jumping jacks on the mattress without disturbing your partner! Great right!

Its high-density foam provides a firm edge to edge support on your mattress. The layer is loaded with a 0.5-inch thick comfort foam layer, which eases pressure on your joints. It also has a feather-light, microfiber quilted fabric layer. All the layers are made of different materials, and the springs stay in place by the knitted jacquard cover.

The mattress is quilted to provide grip when ventilating and handling, the foam utilized are tested and certified twice in the registration year. Its certification has annually renewal process; it uses no ozone-depleting chemicals, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and Tris flame retardants. The Zinus 6-Inch Spring Twin Mattress measures 75-inches by 36-inches and 6-inches thick. Its weight is 61.9 pounds, and it also has a ten year warranty period.

LinenSpa 8-Inch Hybrid Mattress

When it comes to the LinenSpa 8-Inch Hybrid Mattress, it combines with the 6-inches of spring to 2-inches of foam and the quilted memory foam. Its coils design is of tempered steel coils, which are overlaid using a cushioned surface overlaid with a memory foam layer. For the layer to hold in place, they are quilted together. A flexible box lined with fiberglass is used to encase the layers, which keeps your mattress in shape.

All the layers are then covered through the use of a knit fabric cover. The LinenSpa 8-Inch Hybrid Mattress contains memory foam and innerspring mattress that has medium firmness. The mattress is ideal for children’s rooms, dormitories, and guest bedrooms.

The mattress has 6-inch coils covered with a layer of 1.5 inches of comfort foam and topped with 0.5-inch of memory foam. The coils are utilized in weight and support balance; the high-performance coils give an edge to edge support, eliminating motion transfer.

Its high density is used in cushioning the sleeper from steel coils, the middle layer foam for an exceptional edge to edge support. The mattress has the top memory foam layer, which molds to the shape of the sleeper. It also conforms to the body of an individual and body heat, helping in the alignment of the spine to a neutral position and thus relieving pressure on your joints.

The moment an individual’s weight is removed, the mattress and the memory foam rebounds, regaining its shape. The measurement of the twin mattress is 75 inches by 39 inches and 8-inches thick. Shipping of the twin mattress is on a vacuum compression for secure handling and packaging. Unpacking is done, and the mattress allowed expanding for 24 hours to 72 hours, and it has a ten years warranty period.

DreamFoam Bedding Unwind

The DreamFoam Bedding Unwind mattress is made in America, with all your needs in mind. The mattress is 9.5-inch countered comfort foam bed that has an innerspring base. The hybrid mattress is capable of delivering a medium-firm level of comfort.

The base of the DreamFoam Bedding Unwind mattress has 6-inch high steel coils, which are covered with 2-inches of transition foam. It’s then overlaid with 1.5inches of the quilted top cover, which offers a resilient and soft cover. With the combination of the transitional foam, springs and the cover, the mattress provides pressure point relief, rest, and relaxation.

The mattress is capable of elevating your sleeping experience and health.  Its independently pocketed springs reduce motion transfer and lending support individually. Its 2-inch high-density foam provides an edge to edge support, which balances the body of the sleeper, giving shape to your mattress.

The mattress also has 1.5-inch quilted memory foam, which is breathable and splush. The quilted design resists the impression which can indent the mattress, which quilting wraps the mattress on the sides, making them reversible. This consequently extends the lifespan of your mattress, and they have low VOC emission rate. CertiPUR-US certification foam is used in certifying the mattress, which means there’s no utilization of harmful chemical in making of the foam.

The DreamFoam Bedding Unwind twin mattress has measurements of 74 inches by 38 inches by 9 inches. With a weight of 38 pounds, its shipped vacuum compressed for secure handling and packaging. The mattress takes 24 to 72 hours to regain its fluffy, full state, therefore allow the mattress to breathe after unpacking. The mattress comes with a ten years warranty.

Buyers Guide on Purchasing The Best Twin Mattress

1. Thickness

When it comes to twin mattresses, they are in most cases available in five, six, eight, and ten inches thickness. However, they can be different from one brand to another. There are other twin mattresses, which are available in twelve and fourteen inches. Ensure that you consider the appropriate thickness of your bed, to determine support and balance level.

You should also note; your weight plays a part in this because the heavier you are, the thicker you’ll require your mattress to be. Hence, it’s vital to know your weight in order to determine the height and size of your mattress.

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2. Materials

When it comes to twin mattresses, they are available in different types depending on the material used in its build. Some of the materials utilized include; memory foam, gel, innerspring, latex, and inflatable. They vary depending on the support, comfort, durability, overall performance, contouring, and heat control.

The longevity and comfort of the mattress are dependent on the material used; most twin mattresses available are made of memory foam and latex. It’s vital to check each material when deciding on the ideal mattress for your needs.

3. Firmness

Know the level of firmness a mattress provides before purchasing one; this is essential basing on the type of sleeper you are and your body type. For instance, if you’re a back sleeper, you’ll require a firmer mattress. This is to get enough support for your neck, head, and spine to be kept at the same level.

If you’re a side sleeper, a softer model of the twin mattress would be ideal. This is because; it makes your body sink lower than your head; hence, keeping your neck, head, and back aligned during the night.

4. Warranty Period

Accidents are inevitable; hence, when purchasing a mattress; go for one with a decent warranty period. This is considering that buying a mattress is making an investment. With a generous warranty, you won’t need to buy another mattress in case of an accident or a manufacturing defect.

5. Number of Layers in the Mattress

The number of layers a mattress has determines the level of support and softness it can provide as you sleep. The more levels of layers a mattress has the softer it will be, on the other hand, the lesser the number of layers, the firmer the mattress it will be. The materials utilized, also play a vital role in the level of support the mattress offers, the memory foam provides the best.

Final thoughts

Getting the ideal twin mattress for your house is vital, as this ensures your family is well rested ready to tackle the day and ensures their health. However, with the many choices available to pick from it can be a little tricky. With the above review, selecting the best twin mattress for your family doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Before purchasing a particular twin mattress, there’re factors such as firmness, thickness, and material that you ought to consider.